Puppy course in 12 weeks
Our puppy course is accessible for all puppies from the age of 7 weeks. During this course of 12 weeks you will acquire a vast basic knowledge. You will get practical and theoretical lessons about health, socialising, grooming, getting used to noises, horses and ponies etc.
Children (under supervision) and partners of course-members are always welcome.

Every three weeks we start a new puppy class.

Structure of the puppy course

The puppy course consists in 12 lessons:
7 practical lessons (among which the pony lesson and the grooming lesson) and 5 theoretical lessons.

In the practical lessons we pay attention to the socialisation and the education of your puppy. We use the clicker method. This is a gentle, quick and effective way of training. Officially it is called “positive reinforcement training”. During the training we will reward the wanted behaviour of your puppy as much as possible. You can read more about this under the subject the clickertraining.
During the coffee break you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

In the theoretical lessons we will go into aspects that are important for your puppy in this stage of his life. You may think of the following subjects: behaviour of the dog, different phases in the life of a puppy, the relation between man and dog, body-language, dogs and small children, learning-processes and house-training. During the theoretical lessons we teach from our own book and we use videos to illustrate matters.

The pony lesson will be given about halfway during the course (in the week-end).

Getting used to horses is very important for your puppy. Not only is it useful within the socialisation program, but also to show you how to guide the behaviour of your puppy in new situations.

The grooming lesson teaches you different important aspects of tending your puppy. Not only brushing, combing, trimming and washing will be dealt with, but also flea-prevention and the care of ears, nails and teeth.

Educational playing is part of the puppy course, free of charge and of commitment. The development of the social abilities of your dog in this phase will be determining the rest of his life. Therefore your puppy hereby will get the opportunity to socialise with other dogs, under supervision of a professional trainer.

Educational playing is often organised after the pony lesson.

The puppy course is concluded with a theoretical examination. This is a nice and valuable conclusion of a fascinating course.

The practical lessons of the puppy course can also be taken as private lessons.

What do our courses cost?

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